The Secrets to Finding the Best Car for Your Cash

Have you recently come to the decision to get rid of your current car and buy a new one? Perhaps it’s starting to cause major mechanical issues, it’s been involved in a wreck or it’s costing you too much fuel wise (take a look here to see how fuel efficient your car is). Whatever the reason may be, you can make the process of selling and buying new an easier one by reading through this Buying a New Car Guide.

Within this Buying a New Car Guide, we talk about the best options for not only buying a new car, but selling your old one too. Selling your old car is just as important as buying new, as what you make for your old car will determine what budget you have for buying the next vehicle. Whether you sell it through TradeMe Motors, sell it to a friend or get cash for it from a car removal Dunedin company, you can make sure you get the best deal you can through reading this guide. Read more about getting the best car for your cash below.

Buying a New Car Guide

Before you sell your car…

What is the condition of it like?

How does your car currently look, both inside and out? Is the exterior dirty and the windows covered in insects? Is the interior full of rubbish and the seats stained? Would YOU buy YOUR new car in a similar condition? Guess not! Before you sell your car, make sure that it is clean inside and out, so that it’s appealing to potential buyers!

You can either take it to a local Dunedin car groomer or do a do-it-yourself using quality car cleaning products – either way, make sure it’s looking near new and ready for the new buyer to drive away in.

When was the last time it was serviced?

Was it six months ago? A year ago? Or can you not remember? One thing that potential buyers will look for when investigating your car is when it was serviced last. Regular servicing of a vehicle means its well looked after and less likely to cause problems when out on the road. If you can produce records of regular servicing and maintenance of your car, this will definitely encourage any potential buyer to buy the car from you!

If your car hasn’t been serviced in a while, it’s definitely something to look into. Visit your local Dunedin car mechanic to enquire about servicing packages.

Is your car registered and warranted?

Two more common things that potential buyers will ask is whether the car is registered and warranted. Although these aren’t legally required when selling your car, it’s generally not something that will put off a potential buyer, as they won’t want to cover the costs involved.

Having a warranted car is especially important as this will show the potential buyer that everything is road legal and working well. Without a current warrant, there is the potential for a huge bill worth of repairs.

If the car isn’t registered, you can easily do this at your local Dunedin AA Centre. They will  be able to advise you about other important parts to transferring vehicle ownership when you sell the car too.